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Through our training participants will gain an understanding of the key junctures that these biases present themselves.


 we can critically evaluate your workplace interactions and recommend simple changes. 


We provide one-one coaching for leadership and executives to develop. 

Language Bias
Are you aware that language bias in the workplace affects employee satisfaction and performance
Language Bias
Do you know that terminology or categorisation: the association of labels with particular meanings can be exclusionary or misclassify people?
Language Bias
Are you aware that the structure of your conversations can work against certain people and thus result in bias without anybody realising?

LingLabs helps organizations overcome these communication barriers that hinder the hiring and retention of diverse talent. We do this by providing information, training, and critical evaluation of your internal and external interactions and provide strategies to minimise language-related bias in the workplace.

The Social Mobility Commission 2015 noted that:

working-class candidates are often unable to gain access to elite employment (e.g., law, medicine, financial services) despite relevant qualifications and skills due to informal ‘poshness tests’, including a candidate’s style of speaking

Over 76% of employers admitted to discriminating against applicants on the basis of their accents

Only 3% of employers nationally include accent or dialect differences as a protected category



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