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The revolutionary capacity of LingLab is to unlock potential, promote inclusiveness, and ignite academic achievement. We enable academic institutions to establish dynamic learning environments in which each student realizes his or her maximum capabilities and where diverse perspectives flourish.

LingLab provides a robust suite of tools intended to address the most pressing
issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion.

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Envision an educational environment wherein pupils are provided with immediate access to guidance that is informed by cultural sensitivity, assistance in managing microaggressions, and a secure environment to voice any concerns.

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I was very interested in the research that Maame has undertaken into the importance of the use of language and how it can be applied to create an inclusive workplace. I was particularly attracted by the fact that Maame’s work covers both the theoretical underpinning as well as really practical ideas of how employers can improve their recruitment and training strategies to enhance the talents of a diverse workforce. For me, this work is both timely and relevant at a time when sectors are struggling to attract diverse talent.

Sheila Gupta
VP- People, Inclusion and Culture,
Queen Mary University of London

Inclusive Language can be a very emotive subject and so when I was looking for some expertise, I came across Dr Maame Afua Nikabs and LingLab. Dr Nikabs was really easy to work with and we collaborated on the presentation for the workshop, she took feedback really well to ensure that we landed the right message for our employees. It was great to have her expertise and experience to navigate the subject matter and the feedback on Dr Nikabs' presentation was very positive. Our attendees went away with new insight and awareness, even those who thought they already had a good understanding of bias and discrimination. I would definitely recommend Dr Nikabs and LingLab.

Gill Cooke
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging,
Three UK & Three Ireland