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Episode 5: Race in the workplace

linglab February 5, 2021

In this episode, we discuss how spending time with an organisation interviewing and observing their everyday lives and use of language can uncover implicit practices that mark them as white or seemingly non-inclusive. My guest is Natasha Shrikant, who uses ethnographic and discourse analytic approaches to study the relationship between […]

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Episode 4: Linguists as agents of change

linglab February 4, 2021

 In this fourth episode, we discuss the ways in which linguists can raise awareness about the effects of language bias. My guest is Professor Devyani Sharma, recently together colleagues in Queen Mary and University of York investigated the effect of accents in hiring decisions. Her research focuses broadly on language […]

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Episode 2: Language training is essential

linglab February 2, 2021

In this second episode, we discuss the importance of language awareness training in diverse teams and global organisations. My guest is Dr. Joy Dinsdale, who has over 35 years’ experience of working with diverse teams. We talk about how leveraging cultural differences in diverse teams creates a much more pleasurable, […]